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Mehama.org  Hi I am Rocky used to live in trailer on hwy 226 by scales right before the covered bridge.Read More

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Mehama Oregon

Hi how are you doing? In my opinion they talk a lot here Salem all night long 247 my name is Rocky Dawson she calls him her rocky not me him  fired I guess for 15 year olds and being gay  I don't know here in salem we area now the 19th gayest city in America not me gay she they are far louder than anybody  making fake reports? and fake church book.  Mehama Oregon is a small town of about three hundred people it has three restaurants, a gas station and hardware store the school up on the hill has been closed for many years. The people of the town are nice and laid back everything is within walking distance the town is mainly a tourist trap for people on hwy 22 gas and food headed up the canyon the local store is closed so you have to go to Lyons if you want to go to the corner market. The local burger joint Gingerbread House is very good known for there hard ice cream and shakes. There is a local Hardware store and the post office if your looking for it is in Lyons . The bridge is where the Santiam river is and is some of the best stealhead fishing in the area just right up from the bridge.  There dismembered and change things on my sites something wrong let me know I mean the lunatic stalking.

North Fork Recreation Area

If your traveling up hwy 22 right after Mehama take a left this is one of the finest recreation areas you will find lots of camping, swiming and even some gold in the river make sure and stop at the concrete bridge nice swiming hole. Three pools is also a very nice swiming hole they are many as well as lots of camping the water is very warm and is the best swiming in the valley if you are into gold mining you will find plenty here try the moss and black sand under the concrete bridge.

Shellburg Falls

The falls is a nice hike doesn't hurt to have a little heater here they might be cold, its a long hike in but nice when you get there you used to be able to drive up the road and come out at Silver Creek Falls the falls at Shellburg are small and has some nice camping if you get a chance go to Silver Creek Falls they are awesome. The old german I used to know named Bill lived where the falls are now as he said they bought us out for a song, he had a daughter I used to live with long time ago .