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The good Song
I song Waffle House
Taylor Swift Fast
Shania Twains Boots Lee
Goodbye Earl
Dell Computer Song
Sv Why 1000
Sv Why 1000 Big Bore
Big Bore no wus 600/650
Mustand vs Big Bore
Swifter 22

Oh yeah Chevy House Factory??? Stayton LIE

Guy out back and to left was drop offs from yellow water center ass water is saying thats her decision SHIT TUBERS? 9/30/2015 11:08pm
everytime get up to piss lees fagot club or wallyworld? wall nuts? starts in on me waiting for me to roll over or get up to say something they been raping to breed here got a f prego guess chain of molestation? was saying I am a prisoner they torture people not prisoner lee's prisoner's there lawyer calls it mental anguish they torture time 6:37am 10/01/2015 jim knights there dick? jim's a female? only thing tonight makes here mad is saying wally world fagot? sends his things/people in to act like humans of a god (fisherie style god) and to piss off and say no or deny whats theres by birth they made a nigger block away they can make anybody they kill 6:45am if you guy's see the pink check whats the word (fagot) tell him he gave the wrong truck back fucking assholes with god. Right before went to bed last night one goes they killed in 2 states yep there bad chloroformers once your dying from gas then there not a part of that anymore even stabed me while gased so his lee could see mark without doc chloroform fagots lee next door? Remember there preacher has them were pink on Sunday as a sign they need laid, Jim the preacher? its getting daylight now so they went back down the street towards nut house where there son died using my drivers lic in his property bag.

Jims worse than Kenny


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Phone 503-409-8420, 541-206-0867, someone want to show me where the hell here dads buss in Sub was talking about above lyons seems whole team here is from there? Even Gregs been by.........Greg Lee Gregs kids want to take a normal shit {no shit tuber} and need a deck to grow up own OUR'S

Can you guys tell me what the black trim is here in salem in this area are they house's for deaths like in clevland? see below cleveland
Here's my new phones wireless hookup as portable wifi hotspot kick ass speed HUH LEE

Hammer Time
Thomas Creek Trailer
Where Lived For Many Years!